Monday, September 14, 2009

Starting fresh ~ really fresh

My Mr. is holding a fundraiser for St Baldrick's this month to raise money for childhood cancer. He and many of his fellow firefighters will be shaving there heads for donations toward the disease that is haunting thousands of families each year.

I can't help but to love this guy and support him in all that he does. So after a few family discussions and deciding on a solid monetary goal, I too am willing to strip these brown/gray curly locks down to the scalp for a mere $3,000. may ask would I do such a thing?

  1. Children are diagnosed with cancer every day.
  2. Sacrificing my hair is NOTHING compared to the suffering of kids undergoing treatments.
  3. It's hair. And though I have some attachment to it, it does grow back.
  4. I want to help, even if in some small way.

Please join us in working toward cancer-free kids by visiting our St Baldricks webpage, linking to this blog post, telling others about the cause and sponsoring Matt or Aubrei.

And if you haven't already, head on over to this blog to read Ezra's story for one more HUGE reason to give.

(photo of little Ezra courtesy of Manic Mother)



~j~ said...

so awesome you two!! great cause and I know that the two of you will both look super hot with your new look!

Becky said...

I learned a bunch about St. Baldrick's Day this year when my editor asked me to write a story on it. All the people involved seemed fantastic. Good for you!