Friday, June 7, 2013

Campin Fools

We have been on many fun outings this year...
camping, visiting family, day trips.
Went to Yosemite last month with my dad
and stepmom and it was breathtaking (as always).
The kids had a blast and met some
friends in the campsite next to ours.
We hiked, biked and ate the finest
camping food I've ever tasted (thanks Momda).
There are many reasons I LOVE
 homeschooling, but the ability to
do trips like this while other
children are sitting at their desks
in a classroom makes me love
teaching our children at home even more.
Homeschooling rocks!!!

The little collectors

Taking in an amazing view


Exploring the waters
The girls found their very own playhouse
out in the middle of the forest.

Taking a break from biking around the valley
Papa and the littlest lass

A beautiful way to end our trip

There's something about being outdoors
in the natural world that puts
my heart and mind at total peace.
No technology, no rushing here and there,
no worrying about the silly things that my
mind can get overwhelmed with,
no place to be except out exploring
God's beautiful creation.

What could be better?