Sunday, September 20, 2009

Relaxed in Red

Our family took a little mini vacation this weekend out to the country. It was the perfect place to unwind, harvest veggies, overdose on mulberries, swim, play, sleep in and absorb the amazing views. The little miss and her big sister had a blast driving the electric car round and round the property, swinging through the air and connecting in a way that only sisters can do.
We were surrounded by shades of crimson, brick and barn red giving this ranch paradise so much warmth and life. Everywhere I looked the place was dappled in red, delicious beauty. From the bushels full of tomatoes and peppers to the giant mulberry tree we filled our hands, buckets and tummys with goodness. Let me add that if you've never tasted a is absolutely something you don't want to miss. They are incredible!
The day and a half away was such a peaceful break from the usual routine that rejuvenated my soul for the coming week.
May you find peace and happiness in the colors that surround you this week.

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