Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Big News!

So, we got GREAT news first thing this morn. Bri got into the school she applied for and we're so excited for her. It was a nail biting weekend (especially with the holiday) waiting to hear if she was chosen. We are looking forward to all of the new experiences and progress the upcoming years will bring to her. Aside from the jitters of waiting to hear results, we had a wonderful weekend spent with friends and family. Hoping this week brings you many smiles.


Sunday, February 17, 2008


Since I missed posting on V-day, I thought I'd share a bit of my day in pictures. The first photo is of my beloved grandparents who's eternal love for one another was apparent in their lives with every breath until their last days here on earth. With over 50 years of marriage to each other, they still displayed their affection toward one another every single morning with a kiss. They were so connected that even in the last hours of my Nanny B's life, my grandfather knew he could not bear to go on without her and passed within 24hrs of her death. When I think of true love, I cannot help but to remember the love they shared for one another and for their family. I feel so blessed to have known them.

Here are some of our sweet Valentine cards. The one's below were homemade for my family.

Here's my littlest Valentine showing off her heart.

Matt and I hiked up a beautiful river canyon to start our day and ended it at our favorite date spot....the book store:) Our dearest friend Julia came over to watch the girls and give some "we" time.....thanks my lovely Jewel!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gotta Lovem

What is it about children, that makes you just want to wrap your arms around them and capture all the joy that they hold? Certainly not the screaming fits at midnight, nor outbursts of rage when they don't get exactly what they are wishing for. But ah, the sweetness that my children surprise me with when least expected or the pure comedy that comes out of their mouths or just the simplicity of their warm and loving hugs completes my days.

Most recent to the adorable list of lines that come out of my Maya's mouth are "I'm sharing" when she wants something someone else has and she's confiscated the object she says this to prove that she's being a well behaved child and has not just hoarded another's belongings, and the sweetest thing out of her mouth lately is when there's a ringing in her ears and she proclaims "there's a bird in my ear" spreading the absolute biggest smile across her mama's face.

Although Maya (the most scrumptious toddler in my life) brightens my days with laughter, I'll have to give full comedy hour credit to the beautiful young teen that still graces us with her presence on a daily basis. As we're driving to volley practice today (Maya a couple hours short on sleep due to her decision against napping today) I hear a whiny, yet desperate cry for intervention between the teen and toddler. Now you'd think that a teen and a toddler would have enough years between them to be somewhat civil with one another, but this is simply not the case in our house. I admit that on most days I see glimpses of love and laughter between the two, but we have our fair share of t&t battles on a regular basis. Anyway, amidst the bickering there comes the pathetic yet serious plea of the teen "MOM! Maya's hitting me in the face with her cheese" causing an explosion of laugher in the car as my husband and I try and figure out how she could have obtained this deadly weapon that she's tormenting her sister with. I have to admit it was the funniest thing I'd heard all day and I'm still smiling about it.

Here's some pics of our weekend.

Love & peace to you.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Emotional Day

Last night was heartbreaking for me. My eyes filled with tears for hours, my soul ached, my outlook on life was changed. Last night I read about the beautiful life of little Ava Rosemeyer on her mum's blog site. I found a connection and a love for someone I've never met nor will I ever have the chance, but oh....how she's changed me.

When I woke this morning, my own little beauty popped her head around the door frame and professed "It's light outside,it's not dark" as she toddled in to climb up on the bed with me. Her smiles and laughs brighten my day and my heart breaks even more for Ava's mum. I thought of her all day and wore a pink ribbon in my hair as a remembrance of her precious little life.