Monday, September 29, 2008

Friday Fun

Our weekend started with a picnic in the park where we met up with a bunch of hug-happy kids, some awesome mamas and one lucky dad:) We snacked on homemade sushi (thanks Jenn, so yummy), out of this world lemon cookies by Kristen and my banana nut bread along with many other tidbits. The best thing about dining at the park is the freedom to let the kids roam and play while the adults get to enjoy some semi-uninterupted conversation while eating.
Maya, who loves to hug her friends (by putting them in a choke hold) seems to think she can drag them around by their necks. The best shot of the day was seeing how she looked when Kai took her down with a taste of her own medicine. Check out her face...too funny!
Hope this becomes a weekly tradition for us ladies. I'll try to tame my hugabaloo.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Milk Duds anyone?

My incredibly talented husband made us tofu enchiladas the other night for dinner and I must say...they were delish! I am always amazed at how well he can just throw together a tasty meal by going through our cupboard scraps. So I took him out to a movie....
The only word I have for this film...entertainment...nothing more.

So as I'm getting up from the theater seat I notice that my pants are not jiving in the places they should. Now before I go any further I must have you know that my absolute favorite treat at the movies is popcorn and milk duds. I especially like the combo when the milk duds are slightly warm and soft. Back to the story. I reach down to regather my pants when I notice that I have a fat wad of melted caramel goo glueing my pj's together (yes I wore my pj's to the there any other way to enjoy an evening flick?) making my exit slightly uncomfortable but totally hysterical. I'd like to say that this is my first milk dud folley, but sadly I'm not a quick learner. Note to self....bring saran wrap for a lap tray at movies.

For the love of pears....

Last weekend I took the girls up to G's ranch for another try at canning. Unfortunately Matt couldn't be there to share in the fun, but we had a nice visit with friends and soaking up nature. The fresh ranch pears are amazing. Can't wait to break into a jar of them but trying to resist until the fresh ones are history.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

All lit up

Yesterday (after eating by candlelight since Christmas of last year) we had a chandelier installed above our dining table which caused me way more excitement than I expected. As romantic as eating by candlight sounds (and is for the first couple months), I prefer it as a luxury rather than a necessity. I so enjoyed our first meal under the glow of our self made dining room even if we were dining on burgers and fries and can't wait to enjoy a real homecooked meal with family and friends in our new space. The house is getting to feel more and more like us all the time and I love the feeling that comes with putting our mark on the place we gather to every day as a family.

P.S. Thanks Amy for the gifted looks beautiful!

On another note, I've decided after a major attack from my coffee mug yesterday that my coffee drinking days are over. I placed my travel cup on top of the car while attempting to put Miss M in her seat when it slid off and smacked me mid forehead before dumping my sweet concoction all over the interior of the back seat and my not-so-sheek mommy gettup for the day. The trama of it all has left me with a knot on my forehead and a sticky car (which I will clean soon honey I promise). At that point I took it as a direct sign from the powers-that-be that maybe I just need a break from the brew for the time being. No more coffee for me!

At least until next week:)

After my little mishap I went to the farmer's market (not only a saturday ritual, I often get a wednesday fix as well) to fill up my bags with colorful beauties and just couldn't resist sharing my findings. How blessed I feel to have access to such nurishing and delicious foods!
Hope your week is free of falling objects and full of happy moments.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven Years...

Today I am remembering all the love lost,
families broken and lives changed seven years ago.
Today I am remembering the emptiness,
the sorrow, the silence, the stillness seven years ago.
Today am remembering the kindness,
the patience and the empathy extended toward
strangers on the street seven years ago.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Still Rockin

Saturday was a treat in every way. Not only did we get to sleep in to our heart's content, we went out for one of the best breakfast feasts I've ever tasted (chilaquiles to die for and pancakes so big they didn't fit on the plate) before heading home to get ready for a night with Willie...Nelson that is. We went for a scrumptious pizza dinner at an authentic Italian pizzeria with my mum and dad in-law, fit in a walk on the beach and ended our evening watching Willie rock the stage. Old he may be, but played out he is not. It was a fantastic show to end our lovely day.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mr & Mrs Jones

The view from my friday morning walk with Miss Maya

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Jones

Yummy wedding cupcakes

The Jones' gettin wild

Me & my Mister

Last Friday we had the opportunity to celebrate love and marriage. The day started with a morning walk, then on to a little dress shopping, and a visit with grandma and in-laws before escaping with my husband to a wedding for the Jones's. The ceremony was very sweet and the party afterward had to have the best looking guest list around as it was packed with firemen and their wives. It was a fun evening that allowed Matt and I to get a night away from the kids and time to enjoy one another's company. I love little gettaways like this...they are so refreshing!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Market love

I had to post some photos of my favorite Saturday morning destination. We have a local Farmer's Market that displays a beautiful smorgasbord of produce, flowers, breads, honey, fresh cut herbs, coffee, kettle corn and warm tamales. It's my weekend ritual to stop by and stock up for the week. I love the sense of community I feel when I'm there. It brings me such joy.

Monday, September 1, 2008

High School Daze

First Day of School
So, Bri started high school and as excited as I was and still am for her I drove off from the parking lot with a tear in my eye knowing that she's growing up. Don't get me wrong, I love who she's growing into. I love her thoughtfulness, her determination, her laughter and her smile. She's mature, responsible, outgoing, athletic and very friendly. She's pretty much awesome. Bottom line is I am mourning the fact that I can never go back in time to hear her tiny voice ask "what's a beeth-oven" (Beethoven) or hold her hand as we walk to her first day of kindergarten. She will no longer be my "little" girl, but I gladly embrace the beauty~full young woman that she has become.