Monday, September 21, 2009

From where I sit

...the day is looking pretty good. My Mr. watched our little one today so I could get some much needed "me" time. After stopping by the fabric store for an unsuccessful button run & stopping into the coffee shop for an afternoon chai, I settled down on a park bench overlooking the ocean and city before me. Just taking in the fresh air with my journal and my thoughts. In between journaling I threw out a little sketch of what I saw to remember the day and the moment.
It was great to have an hour without the musical tantrums, the temptation of the evil computer to suck my time away, or the nagging list of chores that constantly await. If you have the opportunity just to be still with your thoughts and your body, I highly recommend it. It makes for a much more sane mama & least in my world. I think my family appreciates me more when I'm sane, too. Go figure.

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N and B said...

I so appreciate this reminder - love your sketch!