Wednesday, November 26, 2008


For my adorable husband and bright~eyed children, our health, our loving families, beautiful friendships, our sweet little home, bountiful food, clean water, miracles large and small. Hope your day is blessed with the people you love. Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Furry friends day

Our latest zoo visit with Maya

We ran into our friend Amy and her beautiful boy, Taj

Bet you've never seen a purple monkey feeding a giraffe?

My little fire maiden

Who is this girl and what did she do with my sweet little baby...maybe she ate her???

Bri has been asking to get her hair relaxed for months and months now. I finally took her for a couple of "consultations" only to find that relaxing curly hair in this day and age is worth as much as putting her through a four year private college. Maybe that's a slight exaggeration. I repeat, SLIGHT. Anywho, the hairpimp told me she could cut the cost in half if my daughter wanted to model in a hair show this last Sunday.

The show was a benefit to raise money for a local family who lost their father/husband in the recent metrolink train tragedy that killed 25 people and injured over a hundred. My inlaws, husband and I bought tickets for the big night. The turnout seemed promising and the entertainment was a hoot. There was a delicious dinner followed by a fun African drumming and dance performance, the "hair show" and some comedian performances. The hair show portion had each of the models dressed to represent elements, i.e. earth, fire, water, etc. The models were mostly women with a handful of men strutting their stuff on stage. It was definitely comical and we all had a good roll on the floor.

Bri had a good time and we were all happy to participate in such a worthwhile cause. I thought for sure she would get up there and be nervous, but I have to give it to her.....she walked that catwalk with confidence and style! I was impressed.
Maybe we'll look into some more modeling opportunities to build her portfolio.....NOT. This little taste of the fashion/hair world was proof enough that I am totally content without all the glitz and glamour in our lives. Now Bri on the other hand?
She'll be getting her new doo this weekend. I'm just hoping for simple and keeping my fingers crossed.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Downtown Holiday Jacket and Pant GIVEAWAY!!!!

So I just recently caught word of this insanely talented woman who loves to make extravagant children's clothing and then. . . . give them away???? How cool is that! This is the first "drawing" I've entered in blogland, but I'm kinda likin it so I'm sure it won't be the last. Check out the link Downtown Holiday Jacket and Pant GIVEAWAY!!!! xoxo

Saturday, November 22, 2008

goodies galore

Today we had the joy of celebrating little Mia's 3rd birthday. Just look at all these scrumptious treats! Mia's parents filled our bellies with every edible treasure under the sun. And since Andi is such an amazing baker ~ she made not only a delish marzipan cake, not just a yummy banana layer cake, but gave us the whole "shock and awe" syndrome when she unveiled the chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for decorating madness. The wee ones made wands embellished with streamers, ribbon, tulle, and butterflies to parade around the park before tearing into the delicious desserts. It was a day to remember for sure...what a spread.

happy birthday sweet one

Friday, November 21, 2008

Murder Mystery Bash

I've put on my party dress more than usual in the past month for some great shindigs. This murder mystery party was in celebration of our friend Andrea's 31st birthday. Andrea (the rockstar party planner that she is) put this thing together in a week. This is no small feat for a girl with two steady jobs and a social life to manage. We all had roles to perform (some in drag), 1920's lingo to learn and people to interrogate, steal from or bribe. At the end of the game/mystery we all tallied up our moneys and who we thought was the killer. I guessed it right!!! (just picked the least obvious person) along with about seven other people. I couldn't get over the costumes, wigs, feathers, fake cigs...people went all out. truly outdid yourself. Happy 31st year my friend!
P.S. If you click on the photo collage Andrea is the one looking gorgewa in the blue satin ensemble top center.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pardon our mess

Here's a photo to prove how completely hideous our house is looking right now. I keep thinking a demolition crew is going to mistake our home for their next tear down. As much as I love the new look we've got going, I'm excitedly awaiting a new front yard and paint redo + new shutters. I'll post again with progress (hopefully very soon). Meanwhile, I'll be avoiding blank stares from snickering neighbors each day. Really....who cares.

Forced my hand

I've been feeling less than interesting lately, but since I've been tagged by Jenn (one of my favorite reads) I'm hoping this post will spring me into blogging action once again. Thanks for inspiring me to write again Jenn...

7 things that make

* I would love to live on a piece of property one day between 1&5 acres with a couple of horses and a vegetable garden.

* I make a habit of buying the junk of others to embelish or refinish and make treasures for my home therefore constantly filling the garage with projects, sorry husband.

* I regularly set fire to any and all wooden cooking utensils when using the stove....I just can't stop laying the darn things next to the burner.

* My brain is constantly filled with so many ideas and to-do lists that I frequently get bogged down just by waking up in the morning.

* I LOVE root beer floats, Bri's homemade choco-chip cookies, and a new favorite...Papa Bill's sour cream apple pie, ohhhhhh & dancing.

* I am married to THE MOST incredible man on the planet.

* On most days I believe there is a GOD who loves me.

I'll try to think of something else to write about soon. Promise.
Meanwhile ~ Julia and Andrea are the lucky tagees.


Friday, November 14, 2008

happy to be healthy

Now that the virus had made its rounds through our house, I'm happy to report...we're back to our healthy version of life. Hope you can keep the germs out of your house this season ~ it's no fun having sick babies!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time for soup

Bri has had a wicked cold for the past few days, so as a family tradition I made chicken soup (for the soul if nothing else). As I was cleaning and preparing this little bird I thought about the life that it once was and how grateful I am to be able to feed my family organic & free range foods. We are so blessed by the access we have to all types of food which I admittedly take for granted sometimes.

I'm hoping this homemade soup will bring health and energy back to my sweet girl in the next few days so that I can see her glowing smile again soon.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And the winner is............

Excitement doesn't quite cover how I feel about this day.

Decision Day

How bout you?