Thursday, September 9, 2010

A little tart

is the best description i can muster of how i've been feeling...emotionally.  this pregnancy stuff sure gets my hormones headed in every direction except the sane one.  the lapse in posting has really only been due to every day busy-ness and stress of life.  that and i really haven't had any words that seemed worthwhile. 

but here are a few anyhow: 
teenagers are meant to drive you to tears and push you so far over the edge
that the empty nest fear becomes more of a countdown
(NEVER thought i'd say that). 
of course i'm joking. kind of. 

tantrums at five and a half years old should really be illegal. 

making housing and health care decisions for the elderly who didn't plan in advance
for old age causes the gray to come in quickly.

paypal is just way to easy to use...and can really get one into trouble.

etsy floats my boat. 

a couple of hours with good friends
feels like seeing rainbows in their brightest hues.

chickens are really dumb. cute. but dumb.

i love the fact that whether my mood is sour or sweet, i wake up to the precious sound of my children's voices, the sparkle in their eyes, the caress of the man i adore and a growing faith in God.