Saturday, January 15, 2011


Welcoming my 35th year with a smile...

Yesterday was my birthday ~ something that I always look forward to, but this year the day was especially magical.  It started off with bacon & eggs scrambled by my biggest girl.  She made me the sweetest card and gifted me with a delicious bottle of lavender honey perfume.  The little miss wrote me a little birthday greeting before heading off to school while protesting that she shouldn't have to go because my birthday was "more important than school".  Mr. man came home with red roses and a new lens for my other new baby (more on that later).  He and I then headed up north for a gorgeous, butt-kicking hike with our dear friends J&D. It was Miss Love's first hike and she was asleep for 97.5% of it...perfect.  Went for a quick lunch at the Garden Market (sweet lunch spot) where the D's gave me the most beautiful earrings.  Next stop...home ~ where a yummy little cupcake morsel was waiting on my doorstep (left by Lady Wicky).  We picked up the kids, some beach gear and headed for the big blue where our friends and their families joined us for dinner and a bonfire as we watched the sun set.  The kiddies stripped down to their chonis while playing in and getting pumelled by the waves, dancing on the beach and having a blast.  Guess maybe I should mention that the weather was... well... PERFECT.  As we soaked in the sound of joy from the kids, Miyo spotted some dolphins surfing the waves swirling toward us.  It was breathtaking...


I ended the evening with a bonfire under the stars, listening to waves, making smores and enjoying the company of my friends and family. 
the. day. could. not. have. been. better.

I'm so thankful to God for my beautiful life. 
Don't know how I deserve any of this but truly I am blessed.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

meet the nanny

After a day at school our premier chef/au pair
cooked us up a dish of
tortellini with chicken and homemade pesto
with a spinach salad and parmesan rolls for dinner.
It was outstanding.

She then decided to hold the little peanut
so that I could clean up the kitchen
(that's the deal at our house,
you cook ~ I clean and vice versa)
so she strapped miss love on
and decided to do some light reading.

It's so beautiful to watch my
sweet Bri growing into a talented,
 multi-tasking (you have no idea until
you see a teenager maneuver the incredible
world of technology) woman,
but I especially treasure this view~
my first true love nurturing her younger sisters.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I love January.
I love that Christmas (as lovely as it is) is
ready to be packed up and put away for another year.
I love the feeling of a fresh start.
I love making new goals for the coming months
(even if they're not always accomplished).
I love that January welcomed me into the world.
I love that there is a chance to snuggle into
a scarf and warm coat for a few weeks.
I love that many special people were born this month.
I love greeting a new year.

Hoping that 2011 is filled with inspiration for you and your loved ones!