Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pardon our mess

Here's a photo to prove how completely hideous our house is looking right now. I keep thinking a demolition crew is going to mistake our home for their next tear down. As much as I love the new look we've got going, I'm excitedly awaiting a new front yard and paint redo + new shutters. I'll post again with progress (hopefully very soon). Meanwhile, I'll be avoiding blank stares from snickering neighbors each day. Really....who cares.


~j~ said...

oh man!!! this is soo exciting, this just means that you are heading towards a whole new groovy look and who doesn't love before and after pictures!! as for the neighbors, you think they are staring now, wait till you finish!!! :))
love you guys,

joyfulgirl said...

so true. i am really looking forward to seeing how it all turns out! the fence is halfway up today:)


Jenn said...

LOL, annoyed neighbors, really? You think you were paying an HOA, or something. And I answered your question about kraft on my blog, but basically the paper used for brown paper bags. Kraft wrapping paper is nicer material and you can get at Michael's or Tar-zhay.

Anonymous said...

Where is the after-picture??!!?!!???