Saturday, November 22, 2008

goodies galore

Today we had the joy of celebrating little Mia's 3rd birthday. Just look at all these scrumptious treats! Mia's parents filled our bellies with every edible treasure under the sun. And since Andi is such an amazing baker ~ she made not only a delish marzipan cake, not just a yummy banana layer cake, but gave us the whole "shock and awe" syndrome when she unveiled the chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for decorating madness. The wee ones made wands embellished with streamers, ribbon, tulle, and butterflies to parade around the park before tearing into the delicious desserts. It was a day to remember for sure...what a spread.

happy birthday sweet one


dakotasmommy said...

I am so sad we missed it.

Jenn said...

You captured some really really great shots of the kids!

I'm laughing at your "shock and awe" description. So apropos!

tg+sg said...

great photography! that bday party looks like fun for a the girls.

~j~ said...

the little one licking her elbow...priceless :))

Andrejka said...

You really take amazing pics. . . .kudos my friend... kudos!!