Friday, November 21, 2008

Murder Mystery Bash

I've put on my party dress more than usual in the past month for some great shindigs. This murder mystery party was in celebration of our friend Andrea's 31st birthday. Andrea (the rockstar party planner that she is) put this thing together in a week. This is no small feat for a girl with two steady jobs and a social life to manage. We all had roles to perform (some in drag), 1920's lingo to learn and people to interrogate, steal from or bribe. At the end of the game/mystery we all tallied up our moneys and who we thought was the killer. I guessed it right!!! (just picked the least obvious person) along with about seven other people. I couldn't get over the costumes, wigs, feathers, fake cigs...people went all out. truly outdid yourself. Happy 31st year my friend!
P.S. If you click on the photo collage Andrea is the one looking gorgewa in the blue satin ensemble top center.


Becky said...

how fun. It's been awhile since I've pbut anything fancier than jeans on, I'm jealous!

Andrejka said...

Aww shucks!! Thanks girlie. . . those pics rock . . .now when am I going to get them. It was awesome to see you and Matt all dressed up!!

joyfulgirl said...

hey dre..
i'll bring a cd for thanksgiving...can't wait to see you! don't you just LOVE the one of sheila? i think she looks beauty-full!!!