Thursday, November 20, 2008

Forced my hand

I've been feeling less than interesting lately, but since I've been tagged by Jenn (one of my favorite reads) I'm hoping this post will spring me into blogging action once again. Thanks for inspiring me to write again Jenn...

7 things that make

* I would love to live on a piece of property one day between 1&5 acres with a couple of horses and a vegetable garden.

* I make a habit of buying the junk of others to embelish or refinish and make treasures for my home therefore constantly filling the garage with projects, sorry husband.

* I regularly set fire to any and all wooden cooking utensils when using the stove....I just can't stop laying the darn things next to the burner.

* My brain is constantly filled with so many ideas and to-do lists that I frequently get bogged down just by waking up in the morning.

* I LOVE root beer floats, Bri's homemade choco-chip cookies, and a new favorite...Papa Bill's sour cream apple pie, ohhhhhh & dancing.

* I am married to THE MOST incredible man on the planet.

* On most days I believe there is a GOD who loves me.

I'll try to think of something else to write about soon. Promise.
Meanwhile ~ Julia and Andrea are the lucky tagees.


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~j~ said...

ooh thanks for the tag AND the share. Of course I think your are absolutely fabulous and interesting and actually alot of the things you think of do get put into action and accomplished... really they do