Monday, June 16, 2008

Walter Marcyan


~j~ said...

sooo cool Aubrei! thanks so much for sharing that. Your Grandfather was quite the pioneer for the health industry. No wonder you are such a stud!!
I love you,
love j

Cristine said...

I'm glad I read the comment before watching the video as I now know who I am watching..your Grandfather...he certainly was ahead of his time!! What an amazing life he lived!!

joyfulgirl said...

yes, this is my grandpa...isn't he a stud??? anyway, i couldn't figure out how to edit the you tube video without screwing it up. so, glad you figured it out:)thanks for the comments....xo

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you lost your grandfather and grandmother within two days. I was wondering if you might know if he had a sister Wanda and a brother Arthur Marcyan. If so, then we are related through your greatgrandfathers father Josef. Any thoughts?
Love the video and what a great piece to pass on to your kids.