Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Monster time!

Last Friday started off with a little Sesame Street action. Maya's Nana took her for a fun day to see the SS gang and though hesitant at first, she warmed up to the fuzzy monsters after a little music and dancing. Boy can those monsters dance. I cannot even imagine the shape they must be in to shake it like they do (check Count Dracula out) with all that extra gear on. Definitely impressed....maybe they should put a workout video on the market with costumes and all!

After the Elmo show I drove home to make about 40 cupcakes for Maya's birthday party on Saturday. It was a full day for sure!

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~j~ said...

tooo darn cute, that face says it all!!
what a wonderful birthday weekend sweet girl had...it was so fun to be part of her day...
love to all,