Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Here comes high school....woohoooooooo!

One week ago today my beautiful Bri graduated 8th grade with a huge smile and the excitement of knowing some of her closest friends will be going to high school with her. She is such an amazing spirit who spreads pure joy & laughter to everyone who knows her. We are so very proud of who she is and where she is headed.

Her day started with a half day of school and yearbook signing, followed by lunch with friends, a makeover at the MAC counter and a new doo. Following graduation was a big party for the whole class with a DJ, dinner, games, slideshow and prizes to boot. They had a blast.

Congratulations Bri on your many accomplishments and for being the shining light that you are. I am so very blessed to call you my own and to accompany you through life's joy, sadness, love and wonder. I know you are going to love your high school adventures.


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Jeanette said...

Congratulations, Bri!! I, too, am so very proud to know you and am amazed at your beauty and blessed at the joy you bring to everyone around you!!

Lots of love, Jeanette