Saturday, June 7, 2008

Remembering love

~Grandpa & Nanny B~

Today was a day of celebration, family, love & mourning. As I previously posted, my Grandpa Walt & Nanny B passed away in September last year. They shared a love so strong that lasted over 50 years and bonded them even in death. My Nanny B passed away less than 24 hours before my grandfather as he had no reason to carry on without her. Their memories and legacy are deeply etched on my heart and the hearts of family and friends. It was wonderful to see all of the family come together to say goodbye and share the love that they left us with. We are ever so blessed and ever so grateful to call them our own.


Cristine said...

Was your Grandma the woman your Grandfather performed with?

joyfulgirl said...

yep...pretty cool looking couple, huh? although my grandmother & grandfather divorced when my mom was young and my grandfather remarried my nanny b not long after. they were married 50+ years. they were an awesome pair who inspire my relationship with my husband! my grandmother in the video will be 90 next month and lives alone. hope you are enjoying your summer!


Cristine said...

How incredible for a married couple to not only be able to grow old together but to still adore each other!
Summer is keeping me busy with life guarding and teaching swim lessons! I love it!
Hope to see you one of these weekend soon!