Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Solstice

~homemade hats (by Bri) for the days festivities~
~like father, like son?~

~amazing afro-brazilian dancers~

~grouchbug after a full day with no nap~

~little fairy...Mia~

Since we weren't able to celebrate Father's Day with Matt & his dad last weekend we switched it up a bit to have a Daddy-Solstice day. We started the day with a breakfast of yummy homemade quiche, banana nut bread and fruit salad on our brand new dining table (which I'm loving). At breakfast the guys got gifts of artwork de la mihas. Then we took a 45 minute bus ride up to a local Summer Solstice parade. I never realized how convenient and comfortable public transportation was and am planning to use it much more often in the future. We made our way to the parade to be greeted by radiant afro-brazilian dancers, colorful and creative floats and somewhat freakish costumed performers ~ all dripping in sweat from 2+ hours in the blazing sun, yet all with smiles from the days excitement.
We then rested on a blanket amidst the product vendors, live music and vast array of eye catching festival goers for a picnic lunch. I packed some chicken salad sandwiches, with couscous and a salad garnished with dried cherries, goat cheese and glazed pecans. We visited with friends & family while watching the days events play out. It was a fun and relaxing day for sure. We ended our fun with a ride home on the bus after stopping at a wine cafe for some refreshments.

The one person missing was my own dad who I know would have enjoyed the festivities. Sorry, we missed you dad...hope your Father's Day was especially relaxing and happy. Love you tons.



Jenn said...

How fun! Your spread looks (and sounds) delicious!

~j~ said...

what a fun day you all had, and yup it was hot that day wasn't it?
Love your new table!!! looks awesome.