Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fashionably late~

is usually how i greet everyone ~ and i didn't want to disappoint in the new year. wouldn't want anyone to think i was going to make any MAJOR changes as that just hasn't been my m.o. any~who, thought i would add some of my desires for 2010.

get messy & enjoy art and creativity with my girls on a regular basis

take notice of the beauty around me and all of my blessings. every. day.

continue preparing fresh and local foods to nourish my family

make silhouettes of our girls to hang in our home

more beach days with my family

hugging my girls every chance i get

to stop and listen to the birds singing. watch them soaring.

pause to see the little things that could easily be overlooked

laugh at myself more

take life less seriously

prioritize my time & focus.focus.focus.

planning to post more often. really. i am.


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