Saturday, January 30, 2010

What's on your table?

Last week our family watched Food Inc, a movie (we ordered from netflix) that had a great impact on me.  Not to say I wasn't already an advocate for organic locally grown foods, but this movie has rocked my nutritional outlook even further.  The saddest thing about it is that not everyone can afford organic local foods, because the major food corporations have made a science out of how to sell nutritionally void, illness inducing, mouthwatering tempations that cost merely pennies.  It really broke my heart to see a glimpse of what the food industry has become and what the american people are (many unkowingly) choosing to eat morning, noon and night. 

The scariest part about it is that it really isn't much of a choice for many.  Those who are barely getting by have to buy what they can afford and they are truly getting what they're paying for, but even worse is the increasing major health problems that just keep growing as the illnesses get doused with more and more medications.  As far as buying any type of meat, the choices for local or organic options are few and far between.  Call me granola, but I like to think that the food I'm eating hasn't been showered with pesticides, genetically altered, pumped with steroids and antibiotics or treated inhumanely.  Maybe I'm being unrealistic, but my hope is that more and more people will make the choice to eat local.  Eat organic.  Choose humanely raised meats.  And in doing so, increase the demand and lower the cost of these foods for all.

Ok, I'm done with my ranting.  If I've lost you somewhere along the way, but you're interested in what spurred this long winded post you can read more at hungry for change or the Center for Food Safety or cspi


Nick and Becky said...

YES! Isn't this documentary eye-opening! We should definitely discussed - oh man it has changed the way I prepare meals. My chiropractor plays this and "Food Matters" in his office while you go in and get adjusted - it is really cool to learn all this. Also really a bummer realizing all the things that we assume we know because that is the way we have always done it! :/ anyway, i could go on and on...we should chat :)

Steve said...

I agree...Maggy and I just watched this movie a few weeks ago and it has changed the way I cook and shop for food. We're kind of the same...we've been doing the organic thing most of the time, but this brought the pieces together in a powerful way.