Thursday, December 31, 2009

first evers of 2009

from left to right

1. recycled t-shirt dress 2. bald me 3. self~made apron 4. home~made Christmas tree 5. tea~ party 6. helicopter ride 7. trip to Europe with my sweet girl 8. handmade advent chain 9. my very own surfboard 10. beautiful homegrown garden 11. made from scratch wedding cake 12. baby-blanket recycled elephant 13. candy cane drive 14. child-free trip with mum 15. homemade wreath....whew!

Looking forward to a joyful 2010 and the firsts that are yet to come.


~j~ said...

Wow, truly a year filled with creative energy and execution! So proud of you, and thank you for allowing me to be the recipient of this creative goodness of yours!
love you so much,

Jenn Kirk said...

Fabulous happenings in 09! Love that wreath. Happy new years to beautiful you and your beautiful family. xo, Jenn

Jen said...

What a full 2009! Can't wait to see what you have up your insanely creative sleeves in 2010!

miyo b. said...

what a beautifully filled year - can't wait to see what 2010 brings you and the family! btw - can you show me how to post one of those photo grids on my blog?

joyfulgirl said...

miyo, would love to show you how to use picasa! that's the program i use for all my photos on the blog.

miyo b. said...

ooh - on picasa. i'll have to check it out. i thought you were creating it on photoshop.