Sunday, January 24, 2010


This is the little miss.

This is the little misses best pout.

Some of my favorite sayings from this child when things aren't quite going her way are:

"Mommmmmm, don't you want me to have fun?"
"It's tough being four"

And she says these with all the don't-you-pity-me-ness that she can muster.

Adorable it is.  Adore her.  I do.


~j~ said...

having seen this precious pouty princess up close and personal it's so hard to keep from rolling on the floor with laughter when she pulls out all the one liners like she does. It's soo wonderful you are writing them down now, it will be a joy to re-read years from now.
This picture is priceless.
love j

Becky said...

they've got to love when they are doing their best to be miserable, and we're smirking at them.

Love that she even has the arms crossed -- as if to drive the pouting message home.