Monday, November 30, 2009

Sweet buddies

The little miss has a wide variety of imaginary beings in her life including her friends Vanilla Twirly Whirly Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream (whose daddy I refer to as Mr. Fudge). Since I've been trying to figure out what they might look like for the past several months, I decided to do a sketch of how I imagined them and what do ya know...the little miss confirmed it, I was right on.
They come over every week for a few days at a time to play, eat dinner and have slumber parties. They really are the easiest houseguests ever and I just love having them over. I'm diggin the beehive style they've got and am tempted to try and create some chocolate and vanilla dolls for the fun of it.
Thanks girls for being such good friends to my little miss!


~j~ said...

I think you are on to something here..absolutely are ridiculous with your drawing gift!
hope you are feeling better.

Becky said...

what cute little sketches. they would make adorable little dolls.

Anonymous said...

Alex has one named Mr. Nobody. Can you draw that one? these are cute!!

joyfulgirl said...

Lydia, is that you? Mr. Nobody would be a challenge for sure, but fun to try right?