Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A preschooler's loyalty

The little miss has been a mama's girl as of late and prefers not to let me out of her sight. So last night when I wanted to go for a run with Bri, the protests and whining began.
LM: Mommy I want to go with you (as she permanently attaches herself to my leg)
Me: You are going to have dinner with daddy and then go to the library (in my excited~it's going to be so much fun~kind of voice)
LM: But I want to go with you. wah, wah, wah....
Me: (Lightbulb moment) But you and daddy get to have a date night. You can dress up for dinner and we'll light candles and you can have a special dinner just with daddy.
LM: (Running back to her room in a flash). Yeah, yeah, yeah! I'm gonna dress up and have a date night!
Me: Happy sigh as I lace up my shoes.
Mission accomplished.


dakotasmommy said...

loving the tie

Becky said...

that is adorable. Good tactic to employ -- I will have to stash this away for a time of need...

~j~ said...

that smile shows the evidence of her absolute joy to have a date night with her Daddy! that is beautiful!!

Nick and Becky said...

That picture is priceless :) love it!!