Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A little R&R

Last weekend our friends Kim & Ben invited us to a big sleepover at their house along with another couple that always keeps us in stitches. Their house is around a hundred years old and has a third story room that would satisfy any teenage girl's slumber party dreams as it is equipped with three built in full size beds, has vaulted ceilings and a window with a view.
We had such a great time eating apple pancakes, going to the farmer's market, the park, hiking, playing bad mitten, eating homemade pizza, staying up late discussing our incredibly important opinions on life, parenting and religion, celebrating a birthday child and soaking up the Santa Barbara sights, oh and eating some more. It was such a fun and relaxing time.
Thanks guys for sharing your new home with us! Looking forward to our gathering.


Becky said...

sounds like you have some very, very cool friends -- and, they have a fantastic house to boot?! Wow.

KATEE said...

oh fun!!
the girls look like they were on quite an adventure :)
and what an enchanting home!!