Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mr & Mrs Jones

The view from my friday morning walk with Miss Maya

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Jones

Yummy wedding cupcakes

The Jones' gettin wild

Me & my Mister

Last Friday we had the opportunity to celebrate love and marriage. The day started with a morning walk, then on to a little dress shopping, and a visit with grandma and in-laws before escaping with my husband to a wedding for the Jones's. The ceremony was very sweet and the party afterward had to have the best looking guest list around as it was packed with firemen and their wives. It was a fun evening that allowed Matt and I to get a night away from the kids and time to enjoy one another's company. I love little gettaways like this...they are so refreshing!

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Andrejka said...

What a cute pic of the two of you!!Can't wait to see you on my Birthday... maybe even before if we're lucky ciao bella