Thursday, September 18, 2008

All lit up

Yesterday (after eating by candlelight since Christmas of last year) we had a chandelier installed above our dining table which caused me way more excitement than I expected. As romantic as eating by candlight sounds (and is for the first couple months), I prefer it as a luxury rather than a necessity. I so enjoyed our first meal under the glow of our self made dining room even if we were dining on burgers and fries and can't wait to enjoy a real homecooked meal with family and friends in our new space. The house is getting to feel more and more like us all the time and I love the feeling that comes with putting our mark on the place we gather to every day as a family.

P.S. Thanks Amy for the gifted looks beautiful!

On another note, I've decided after a major attack from my coffee mug yesterday that my coffee drinking days are over. I placed my travel cup on top of the car while attempting to put Miss M in her seat when it slid off and smacked me mid forehead before dumping my sweet concoction all over the interior of the back seat and my not-so-sheek mommy gettup for the day. The trama of it all has left me with a knot on my forehead and a sticky car (which I will clean soon honey I promise). At that point I took it as a direct sign from the powers-that-be that maybe I just need a break from the brew for the time being. No more coffee for me!

At least until next week:)

After my little mishap I went to the farmer's market (not only a saturday ritual, I often get a wednesday fix as well) to fill up my bags with colorful beauties and just couldn't resist sharing my findings. How blessed I feel to have access to such nurishing and delicious foods!
Hope your week is free of falling objects and full of happy moments.


~j~ said...

oooh you poor dear! What the heck?! i hope you are recovered?

and that chandelier looks absolutely amazing! hope you LOVE it! looking forward to seeing that in person.

Starr Shine said...

oh how i wish i had as close of access as you do to such fresh goodies. the boulder farmers market is quite a hike for me.

the chandelier is beautiful dahling...

love & hugs.

Jenn said...

Aubrie, it looks beautiful! Nice set up for romantical dinners, huh?!