Monday, September 29, 2008

Friday Fun

Our weekend started with a picnic in the park where we met up with a bunch of hug-happy kids, some awesome mamas and one lucky dad:) We snacked on homemade sushi (thanks Jenn, so yummy), out of this world lemon cookies by Kristen and my banana nut bread along with many other tidbits. The best thing about dining at the park is the freedom to let the kids roam and play while the adults get to enjoy some semi-uninterupted conversation while eating.
Maya, who loves to hug her friends (by putting them in a choke hold) seems to think she can drag them around by their necks. The best shot of the day was seeing how she looked when Kai took her down with a taste of her own medicine. Check out her face...too funny!
Hope this becomes a weekly tradition for us ladies. I'll try to tame my hugabaloo.


Jenn said...

Great pics. I don't look half-bad in that one considering I went sans makeup and hair straightening.

Love that one of Kristen. And of Maya being taken down. And Dax. Hehehe, good times good times. Looking forward to doing it again.

dakotasmommy said...

That was really a good time. I always love your photos. Where are we meeting this friday. I tried making these caramel apple bars they are good but too gooey for the park. I just adore you ladies.