Monday, September 1, 2008

High School Daze

First Day of School
So, Bri started high school and as excited as I was and still am for her I drove off from the parking lot with a tear in my eye knowing that she's growing up. Don't get me wrong, I love who she's growing into. I love her thoughtfulness, her determination, her laughter and her smile. She's mature, responsible, outgoing, athletic and very friendly. She's pretty much awesome. Bottom line is I am mourning the fact that I can never go back in time to hear her tiny voice ask "what's a beeth-oven" (Beethoven) or hold her hand as we walk to her first day of kindergarten. She will no longer be my "little" girl, but I gladly embrace the beauty~full young woman that she has become.


~j~ said...

cannot believe it! really, i just can't believe it, high school? i think there has been some kind of mistake!!!
Congrats Bri, you are truly amazing!
love j

Jeanette said...

Good luck, Bri!! You are so completely awesome and so very beautiful. I can't believe you are so grown up. Lots of love to you ~ Jeanette