Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bits of Sunshine

Feel like it's been forever since I've posted. Life has been keeping me busy and I haven't made much time for writing. Just wanted to put a couple of things up so that I don't forget. My little one has been cracking us up lately with "dinner talk". Every night we give thanks before we eat, and my little Rose has recently decided to say grace for the table. It has got to be the sweetest thing you've ever heard as she lists everything in sight...from the candles to the beans on her plate, to the photos on the wall. The most hysterical comment this past week though had to be when Bri made a comment about what the little one would look like when she got to be her sister's age. Maya belted out "I'm gonna have big boobies when I sitter's age" causing a roar of laughter at the table. She keeps us smiling constantly making us all grateful for the joy she adds to our lives. Bri shines a light all her own upon the rest of us and amazes me with her insight on life and people. She's a beautiful soul and fills me with pride each day. Hope you and your loved ones are happy and healthy.



~j~ said...

oooh such a beautiful picture!
Are those in your yard!?
Glad to see your new post.
love you,

joyfulgirl said...

I wish...up at g's ranch, aren't they gorgeous?