Monday, March 31, 2008

Baby on the way!

No, not mine but a good friend of mine. She's due at the end of April and I can't wait to meet her sweet little Caroline. We had a shower for her at my house on Sunday and it was a blast. It was fun entertaining and certainly gave me the bug to start doing it more often (of course I had a lot of help from some special nymphs who like to stay up until midnight decorating cupcakes:)


~j~ said...

wow, where did you find them? Cupcake nymphs, BUT, do they spin a cake like i do? hmmm i think not!

susie said...


This is amazing, how could you ever think it was self centered?? You write so beautifully and this blog made my night, what a treat!

Keep writing!

Love u

Jenn Kirk said...

Wow, it all turned out so beautiful. Thanks for sharing those yummy cupcakes!