Tuesday, April 5, 2011

yosemite 2010

last year in march i learned i was pregnant after
taking a test at home. i was so excited, but needed
some time to process the reality of new life inside me.
mr. man and i already had made plans to drive up to
yosemite for a little weekend getaway at a b&b
near the park, so i savored the moment for myself
for a couple of days before we left.

i hadn't been sleeping well at night, so decided to
set up a little game to tell husband the big news
during my hours of insomnia
the first night we were there.
i had packed some blank recipe cards and
a few extra tidbits for our stay since
i knew i wanted to tell him in a creative way.
i filled out six recipe cards each with a
different "recipe" relating to children
and in the ingredients section i gave a clue
about where to find the next card
(each in a different room of the b&b).
i woke him up bright and early to hunt for
the clues before breakfast. the last card was back
up in our room under the covers attached to a
little wooden box with a positive preggo test inside.
he was really surprised, shocked and excited.

it was such a fun way to share the
excitement with my love.
the rest of the trip was spent
enjoying the beauty of yosemite
~ the snow, the rivers, the flowers ~
and trying to wrap our heads around the idea of baby #3.

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