Wednesday, April 6, 2011

my (sad) little pony

it's been a year and a half
since i shaved my head.
surprisingly, i loved having it bald.
it was such a freeing experience
that made me feel confident, strong
and strangely feminine.

i've been keeping it short
ever since and have so enjoyed
the ease and fun look of short hair
but decided to start growing it out
again when i was pregnant.
my hair however, is taking it's sweet time
leaving me at that akward
ugly hair stage (for way too long).
so i thought i'd see if i could
pull off a little ponytail.

not so much.

i'm really looking forward to the day
when my little pony is more
representative of this sweet mane.

and until then....more hats.


~j~ said...

oh my gosh this made me laugh this am..thank you! The look on little Miss M's face is one for the priceless record book!
Hey, I think you sport that pony well, (at first glance it looked like you got a star tattoo on your neck! lol)

Becky said...

ditto -- thanks for making me laugh this afternoon...