Monday, March 28, 2011

fairy delay

the little miss is soooo excited about
the small gap left behind after
she lost her first tooth today.
i can't help but be excited with her,
yet at the same time there's that
little sting of reality
reminding me how quickly she's growing.
i've been promising to make her a
tooth-fairy pillow all week
with the expectation that it would pop out soon,
but here we are ~ and no pillow.
wish me time and patience for
pillow making tonight.

happy monday.


~j~ said...

That is an amazing picture! She looks even more radiant, missing tooth and all.
Did the pillow make it's magical appearance yet?! ;)

ricebabies said...

So sweet, I can't wait to get to that age.The magic begins. I have a great tooth project I did with my art students I hope to share soon.

Very exciting times. Hope you find some sewing time, I never seem to have enough of it.