Sunday, March 13, 2011

green eggs and...

haven't actually tried them with pork thus far,
but we sure have enjoyed them
every other way possible.
scrambled. hard-boiled. egg salad.
quiche. baked goodies.
have i missed anything?
do you have a great egg recipe
that i must try?
please share.

it's a joy to walk out and
collect the bounty from our
young ladies in the backyard.
although not everyone may agree.
between pooping and digging
they make plenty of extra
yardwork for the mr.
he's a gem to put up with me.
and them.


ricebabies said...

I had chickens growing up in Texas, I wish I could share the same with my kids. In Vancouver, I don't even have a yard.

My favorite recipe is deviled eggs. My mom made them every Easter, which also happens to be my favorite holiday.

joyfulgirl said...

can't believe i haven't done the deviled eggs yet. what a great idea...i love them!

the yard space can be an issue wih chickens (not that ours is big by any means), but at least you've got the beauty of vancouver and stanley park....oh my goodness is it beautiful!

big hug to you today.