Thursday, June 3, 2010

play day

Yesterday the little miss & I went for a visit to see our dear friend J and check out the amazing artwork at I MADONNARI.  I couldn't help but stand in admiration of the talent and commitment it took to finish these beautiful  pastel paintings in a matter of three days knowing all the while they will be washed away within weeks by weather and footsteps.  There was so much life in these pieces and each seemed to tell it's own story.

Just gorgeous.

There was a section of concrete dedicated just to children and I loved the vivid colors that blanketed the blacktop.

This one in particular fit me perfectly right now.

After a day spent taking in the sights in SB we had our friends over for a little playtime.  The girls played "family" and watched a movie while the mamas worked on sewing projects (well one of us did).  Miyo made this sweet little dress for her daughter while my project was much less involved.  Since mine is a gift I'll just give a little glimpse of what my hands were making:

I definitely like the little sew-op we had and am hoping there's many more to come.


~j~ said...

oh Lord you are talented!!!
The pictures from the chalk paintings turned out incredible, such a fun day, thanks for sharing with me,
love, love,love

miyo b. said...

we had such a great time!! can't wait for our next night of sewing! remember - prep, prep, prep!