Monday, June 7, 2010

Livin country in the city

To add to our ever expanding household I have temporarily gone insane leading to the 4 pooping chicks in our garage and 6 rambunctious kittens in our bathroom.  All this on top of the dog, fish and two young humanoids sharing our seemingly shrinking space.

The kittens are temporary.  They are.  I found them at the feed store when going to acquire the 4th and final chick that I'm probably not supposed to have.  They were in a small unsheltered cage outdoors.  One had already escaped.  They were all starved and had only dog food pieces set out for them so large that they couldn't get their little mouths around it.  Apparently someone had dropped them off the day prior leaving the feed store to "care" for them.  I knew that if I left them there some of them would not make it.  So, here we are all cozy with a mini farm living in our home.  Luckily, I found an animal rescue that will adopt them out once they've been spayed and neutered (hopefully no more than a month away).  We are fostering them until that day comes meaning feeding every 4 hours (except at night between 10 and 6 at which time I will only leave my bed to pee or to feed a newborn child).

All we need now is a goat and a pot-bellied pig so we can start charging for the petting zoo.

Told you I had gone insane.


~j~ said...

oooh I love goats! I know where you can get one! ;) you are an angel to all and the cats and cluckers are blessed to have been brought into your fold.

miyo b. said...

forget about the goat - get a cow!

Becky said...

look at you animal rescue lady! Those kittens are too cute. I'm tempted to come over a steal one, but I think we need to be diaper-free before I'm willing to take in another being into our house again.

~ap said...

this still makes me giggle. nathan so wants a miniature pig -- you know the ones that only get to 40 or 50 lbs. maeve would love it. you can borrow it!

oy vey! ~ap