Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Smile makers

Love letters between sisters.  Rare and beautiful.
(Those are exclamation points in the middle of the words~
I guess she really means it)

Time in the backyard with our newest family members.

Scrumptious fish tacos by our chef~in~training.

Neighborly love in the form of strawberries.

We have made a point of sticking around home on Memorial Day weekends to avoid the insanity of traffic on the roads, and have realized that we quite enjoy it.  Picnics at the park, barbeques with friends and time just enjoying the simple pleasures of home settled nicely into our days.

Of course, most important were the thoughts and prayers
 for those serving past and present on behalf of all of us. 
Grateful I am.

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Becky said...

that is a really sweet note.