Sunday, October 25, 2009

What friends are for...

someone to wash your hair~

to have pajama parties with~

enjoy a good flick together~

to hold each other when things get scary~
Good buddies make life so much sweeter.
Thanks for hanging with us K/D/L


dakotasmommy said...

those are two sweet little ladies I must say.

~j~ said...

oh what a sweet time that looks like! and yes, adorable little ones for sure. that is one sad and concerned little Miss M being comforted by her little buddy, way cute!

Becky said...

that is so cute. Do they do sleepovers often? I've toyed with the idea, but wasn't sure how it would go or if they were ready yet.

miyo b. said...

love that - they look so sweet! do they happen to have a love/hate relationship with each other? katie and dylann do and, like becky, i wonder if they would do well with a sleepover.

joyfulgirl said...

we didn't actually do a sleepover ~ just a bath/pajama/popcorn/movie night, then we all snuggled up in our own beds.