Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Looking back

On the streets in Southern France

Today I had that oh-so-exciting (I'd rather be napping) trip to the oral investigator. After the dentist adjusted to my new hair do he asked how my summer was and whether I did anything fun. As I sat there thinking about it (with my mouth full of dental intstruments) I realized how many adventures we had this summer that I failed to share and journal into my blog. There is a huge chunk of summer that I selfishly hoarded in my memory box, which I am determined to change in this next week or so. Therefore I am commiting to a post a day until I have regurgitated all of the goodness we consumed this past summer. Hope you can stomach it!


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Becky said...

good -- I've been waiting to see more pics from your France trip!

Good to see you guys today.