Thursday, October 8, 2009

France ~ part un

Bienvenue a Puisserguier
Our trip to France this summer began with a flight to Barcelona. Being the savvy traveler that I am, I decided my teenage daughter and I could easily manage a ride into the city via public transportation (nevermind that we just landed in a country where we don't know the language and haven't quite figured out the euro system yet). We hop onto the train as if we've lived there for years when I realize after about 15 minutes....I have no idea where we are ~or where we're going. As we drag our luggage off the subway & down the city streets I start to ask directions to our prebooked hotel address but of course NO ONE has any idea where the place is. At this moment I'm feeling a bit out of my comfort zone and use my better judgement to flag down a taxi who gets us there in a flash. An adventure those first 30 minutes were...and hey I saved a whole 15 euro in the process. SO NOT WORTH IT.
Once we were settled in Barcelona we headed out on the town to witness a passionate flamenco show before heading out for some bad tapas at a late night restaurant. The next day we perused the shops a bit before we carpooled with our traveling circus through the French countryside to the quaint village of Puisserguier (pwee sair geeay...still working on that one) which was our home base in Southern France. We stayed in a charming seven room three story "hotel" (house) in this tiny village that was surrounded by miles upon miles of pristine green vineyards. Our room was gorgeous and took in the view of the back courtyard with vines traveling along the buildings reaching for the sun. The town was equipped with everything we could possibly need, but small enough to feed the one desire I was unknowingly longing for....complete relaxation.


Cristine said...

beautiful photos...memories for life shared just with you very speical...i love the rooms you girls had!

~j~ said...

bonjour :) so happy to be finally seeing your summer adventure in France! I am looking forward to this trip down memory lane, it almost makes me want to get on an airplane and experience the same... not the almost! :)