Monday, May 4, 2009

The unexpected weekend

The cold fairy came by our house on friday and sprinkled her cold germs on me for the weekend reminding me once again that life does not always go according to my plans. She decided that I needed some extra rest from my daily doings and so it was...
Needless to say I stayed home and slept took little miss M to a photo session that I had signed up for a while ago and decided to do a "shoot" of my own when we got could I resist?

Although I didn't sleep my entire days away, naptime was in full effect this weekend and I have to admit ~ it felt good lie down next to my little one and let go of all the "want to do this and need to do that" just to rest my body and mind. Feeling too yucko to do any of that stuff anyway made me acknowledge that it's just will always be there and taking a little time for myself won't hurt anyone or anything.
Saturday I was going NOwhere, not even to my beloved farmer's market. But that afternoon I got a little artsy with Maya and we made some butterflies for her room. It was such a fun and easy project, I'm inspired to get out those art supplies more for some creative time.

We finished off our weekend sharing homegrown lettuce with our neighbors, playing with the girls at the harbor, soaking up the gorgeous weather and ending with our usual sunday dinner serving a barbecued steak salad with fresh sourdough bread and lemon bars plus rhubarb pie for dessert. Yummmm! It was a full table with Matt's parents, g-gran Irene and Bri's bff. I LOVE sunday dinners.

The weekend certainly didn't unfold as I expected, but brought some great surprises in leau of my agenda. Just another reminder that I AM NOT IN CHARGE as much as I like to think I am.


~j~ said...

I love your thoughtful blog posts.
So sad you had that yucky virus, i can attest to the dreariness of it all, but you did manage (no surprise) to pull out that creative genius once again with the flutterbyes :)
I love your Sunday dinners too!

dakotasmommy said...

you didn't mention the pie or the lemon bars when you offered up the salad yesterday?????????

joyfulgirl said...

yep, pie and lemon bars...history, babe!