Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mother's Day...hmmmmmm

My friend over at Ambrosia Girl created these little beauties for all those dad's who could use a little help this Mother's Day. The girl's got serious talent and I love all the options she gives, especially the last two. I slipped mine in between the folded boxer shorts to try and be slick. At least it gives him a few ideas, right?
And although Mother's day is certainly NOT about gifts (especially store bought ones), I happened upon this little piece while web browsing today and couldn't resist posting it...

Love this necklace on etsy by birthdesigns

oh, and this cold drink dispenser at Crate&Barrel made with recycled glass just makes me daydream of summer barbecues with friends...

Now that I've gotten those little desires off my chest, I have only one thing left to say. There is absolutely nothing on earth that could brighten my day more than the two beautiful jewels that I wake to each and every morning. Truly the BEST gifts ever.

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