Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Four & Fearless

Today our little miss Maya turned FOUR! As much as I'm looking forward to life with a fun and vibrant 4 year old in the house, I'm also going to miss the days of my spunky little three year old. How does the time pass so quickly??? How nice it would be to put it in a bottle and hold on to it forever. Anyway, now that I'm done with my pitty-party ~ here's a glimpse into her big day...

First birthday phone call of the day from Nana Judy

Maya's new four~year~old scary face while showing off the
Fancy Nancy puzzle that her sister gave her

Bicycle shopping

Her new blue beauty

first ride on her big girl bike

Swingin by the beach

Riding the zipline with daddy alongside

No Fear
The coolest gift wrapped present ever, compliments of our neighbors
Perfect way to end the day

Last night when Maya went to sleep for the last time as a three year old she had this conversation with her sister:

M: can I sleep with you tonight sister?

B: not tonight Maya, but you can sleep with me tomorrow night.

M: but I can't tomorrow night
B: why not?
M: I will be too big...I'll be four tomorrow

Then she made her first decision this morning as a four year old that she will no longer be afraid of anything....including spiders and witches. Also, she declared today that she won't be shedding any more tears because "big girls" don't cry, which really did work for the entire day today ~ not even a single pout.

After our outing at the park Maya proceeded to tell me that I have her baby sister in my tummy (not an unusual presumption of Maya's) and she goes on to ask how babies are made etc, etc. So we when we tell her that both a mommy and a daddy are needed to make a baby and that something magical happens between them, she decides that if we are going to make one...she wants to watch.

There's not a day that goes by when I'm not grinning ear-to-ear from her little ideas about life, but today was especially comical with all of her excitement about her birthday and being a big girl. We had such a fun time celebrating Maya today I don't know how a party could compare, but the invites have been sent and the fun shall go on.

Happy Birthday little lovebug!!!


Jenn said...

Happy birthday Maya! What sweet little insights into her mind. "Magic," haha. Of course she'll want to be there as long as you make it sound like you're going to Disneyland!

Lydia Segui said...

Happy Birthday, Maya!! IS THERE "SOMETHING" IN YOUR BELLY????????
I can't wait to see party pics. I see cupcakes in the making.

dakotasmommy said...

Laughing so hard she wants to watch the magic that is a hoot and then some.
Happy Birthday sweet girl we love having you in our lives! you are one spunky full of life little lady. Aubrei you are one awesome mom, happy birth-day to you.
Loving the bike that looks like a fun one.

~j~ said...

i can't breathe...where does that child get her thoughts ;)
thanks as always for sharing Maya!
Happy Birthday Angel baby!!
love j and d

Becky said...

Happy Birthday! I saw Maya at the YMCA day care the other day.

What a great looking bike - where did you guys get that!?

Jeanette said...

Happy Birthday, Maya!! You are SUCH a big girl. I look forward to party pics which i am sure will have so many beautiful things for you!!



joyfulgirl said...

no baby in the tummy today, but she's been hoping for it for a while.

the bike is from matt's cycling center (off Seaward) and she LOVES it.