Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our ahhhhhhhh day

Today we got to celebrate our anniversary with the help of my irreplaceable parents via marriage. While they stayed and played with our girls, Matt and I got out for a day in the sand, surf and sun.

We started out with a stop to collect some new toys. Matt hooked me up with a softboard & wetsuit and while we were there he couldn't resist the 9'6" Patagonia board that was calling his name. Once we were all outfitted we headed for the waves. It's been about 6+ years since I've even attempted surfing, so I was happy to have actually gotten up on a wave, especially with my arms feeling like cooked spaghetti after all the paddling.

Next stop was up the highway a few miles at one of my favorite beaches where we spread out the blanket topped with Bellinis (champagne and peach juice), curry chicken salad sandwiches, stuffed grape leaves, the best kalamata olives on the planet, quinoa salad and fresh pineapple. We soaked up the sun until it put us both into napping bliss with only the sound of crashing waves as our music. This in itself was an anomaly as there is absolutely NO napping when on the beach with a dog or the kids.

After we got our beauty rest we were off for a hike in the mountains. This was no ordinary hike. This trek took us up the very same trail where we shared our first real conversation alone together. It was the one moment in my life when I had THAT feeling of knowing he was the one. Wish my memory had recalled the trail itself cause it kicked my a@# today and made me realize what a difference a few years makes. Definitely need to hike more.

The day couldn't have been more fun, more relaxing, more perfect.



Becky said...

that sounds like an awesome day. I good at making sure I have regular moms and then Katie and mom day/nights out, but I'm really bad at planning the me and my husband outings. Need to do that more.

~j~ said...

wow... pure bliss!
Congrats you two lovebirds. So happy you got to share such wonderful memories of that very special time in your lives.
Anniversary blessings to you both,
love j