Sunday, April 5, 2009

Grow your own

Just as I was about to stop my Sunset subscription they decided to tempt me with the best issue yet. This month's mag is full of inspiring gardening stories and ideas on making the most of the space you have for planting edibles.

Just looking at these tomatoes (compliments of sunset) makes my mouth water for the tasties I am nurturing in my own front yard. Can't wait for harvest time!!!

Here is the garden box my incredibly talented husband made for our compact veggie garden out of recycled split rail fencing from my cousins old fence. It looks awesome and being in the front yard it gets the neighbors out and visiting with us more than ever.

These are what I dream of having in my own backyard one day. Not sure how the neighbors would like it, but maybe if I offer them some fresh eggs they'll cut us some slack. I guess if they put up too much of a stink I can always use them as ammunition in the driveway. For now, I am blessed by the generosity of my thoughtful friend Julia who delivered these beauties from her own backyard.

One of my favorite plants that came with the house....a meyer lemon tree. We love all the juicy jewels on this tree and enjoy sharing them with friends and neighbors.

Growing our own food is such a fun journey for the whole family to share. As much as we love growing food for ourselves it excites me even more to have the opportunity to share our crop with others. I've got a plan in my head to start a neighborhood food co-op so that the whole street can benefit from all of the food that is grown and often wasted in our area and hoping to get people on the band wagon this summer.

Wish me luck.


dakotasmommy said...

your garden looks great already aubrei you guys have been busy. Last wednesday at my family dinner we divided up who is going to be growing what so we could all swap and not have tons of zucchini and nothing else. Good luck. And fun fun.

Becky said...

what a great looking garden! It's so hard to find the time these days. I feel like I'm constantly doing battle against cats and snails!