Saturday, December 20, 2008

This one's for daddy...

today you become a ...

but to us you have always been the...

of our hearts and our home

We think you're the bees knees and are so proud of your captainhood!

This morning I happened upon this picture Miss M had drawn of her family. I was SHOCKED as I have never seen our three year old draw people before (although they are somewhat representative of jellyfish) and fitting it was that she wanted to include daddy's name on her masterpiece. So here's your surprise sweet darlin...Maya's first family portrait. Whadoyathink?

Hurry home honey...and don't forget to wear that uniform...;)
King photo courtesy of etsy artist Whimzykidsdezign

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~j~ said...

Congratulations amazing man! we are so proud of you and the incredible Husband, Father and now El Capitan you are :)) We love you and rejoice in all your accomplishments.
d and j