Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas ~ country style

This Christmas was spent up in the rolling hills enjoying the towering oaks, family, great food a warm fire and lots of love. The girls woke up to gifts under the Christmas...table. That's right, there was no tree to stack gifts under this year (we didn't want to haul ours up there) and I thought it would be strange but really, it was very nice NOT to have a tree and the kids didn't miss it at all.
My favorite gift to give this year was something that I passed on from my childhood. My mum happened upon a whole box of old Disney records with books to read along with that I fondly remember listening to as a wee one. I was glowing with excitement when I found an old Disney record player (made in Canada-so happy) on craigslist that my Mr. lovingly wrapped up for the little one to open. Low and behold, she LOVES it and listens/reads with fascination every day. My family and I exchange handmade gifts every year, but for me this one outshines anything I have ever made because it takes me back to a place of joy which I now can experience through new eyes.
Hope your Christmas was joyful!


~j~ said...

looks like another happy and wonderful memory for all of you... i can feel it through the pictures.

Ambrosia Girl Jenn said...

What great memories you created for your family! That record player is awesome, just awesome. And did you make that coat for Brianna? You are so talented.

Miss you guys. Hopefully we can get together next week!

joyfulgirl said...

I did NOT make the coat, but have to give myself props because I DID find this Betsy Johnson fashion statement at the thrift store for a steal. I'll post some pics of what I did create for Christmas soon.

Miss you guys too!