Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rain drops keep fallin

Oh how I just LoVe cold and rainy days here on the California coast. There's nothing like sipping some hot cocoa or a creamy latte while watching the sky drop it's blessings down on our dry and thirsty land. The three year old pinball child doesn't quite get the idea of a mellow day indoors yet and is constantly wondering why the park is not an option today, nor was is yesterday, or the day before wonder we're a little on the crankie side lately.


keeper of the chocolates said...

can i relate to this post or what? today i am missing the rain :) hot cocoa in hand, and ready to bake some more, i see the sun shining and i just miss the clouds and my baking weather :)


joyfulgirl said...

rainy weather is the best, isn't it. well, rain or no rain i'm putting my apron on again tomorrow for some more cookie baking. enjoy the cold it cold their too?