Thursday, October 16, 2008

Harbor cruisin

When we mentioned to Maya last weekend that we were going out on Ed & Andi's boat her response consisted of a squeal of excitement followed by a matter-of-fact announcement that she would be throwing up while on our excursion. I can understand how she would be expecting a rerun of the last boat trip but luckily there was no vomit to be had so our day ended with smooth sailing and good company. Thanks for fun outing guys!

Maya's first thank you card ever to her sweet little friend. Did I mention she's only 3 & 1/2?


~j~ said...

oh man! I love sailing, so glad you guys get to do that!
and what sweetness, mayas thank you card!
love seeing your adventures.
love j

Anonymous said...

Precious ones . . .thank you sooo much for keeping me (& everyone) so well informed about your lovely life. You are all truly blessed and you show such a wonderful appreciation for life! You light up my life!
I love reading your blog, it helps shorten the miles between us.